Understanding My Faith and My Church


Most Catholics rely on an elementary level of training, usually received in preparation for their First Communion and Confirmation, on which to base their knowledge of Catholic doctrine and subsequently their faith in Jesus. While adequate for children and young adults, this baseline of understanding needs to be cultivated and explored in a deeper and more passionate way as we mature and assume greater responsibilities in our lives.

Are you struggling with your faith? Have you asked yourself what role does faith play in my daily life or how it might affect my relationships both at home and at work? When was the last time you attended mass with a sense of anticipation versus simply out of obligation? Perhaps the media's portrayal of the Catholic Church has you bewildered. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're certainly not alone.

In effort to assist Catholics in cultivating their understanding of Catholicism and begin a journey of faith discovery, I will be hosting monthly sessions designed to promote faith exploration and self-reflection.

All meeting attendees will be provided materials designed to guide them in their learning journey. Each session will cover specific topics of interest and include a question and answer segment. All questions about your faith or the Catholic Church and its teachings are encouraged and will be answered with candor and compassion.

I invite you to join me, together with fellow parishioners, as we take the next step in our exciting journey of faith renewal!

Fr. Marcin

Where and When

We meet the third Monday of every month at St. Bartholomew Church from 6:30-8:30.


The sessions are designed to be highly participatory and easy to follow.  In an effort to coordinate our faith exploration, we’ll be using the book "Rediscover Catholicism" written by New York Times Best Selling Author, Matthew Kelly, as our guide while on our journey.  Each session will include the review of text from the book relating to specific topics of interest which you’ll be asked to read prior to the meeting and come ready to participate in the discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you meet?

A: St. Bartholomew Church, 736 Middle Turnpike East, Manchester, CT 06040

Q: Is the building wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, the church, offices, and restrooms are accessible.

Q: Is this open only to parishioners?

A: Anyone is welcome to participate.

Q: Who will be leading the discussions?

A: Father Tim Ryan, Parochial Vicar of the Roman Catholic Community of Saints Bartholomew and Bridget.

Q: What materials are needed to participate?

A: All participants will be provided the book "Rediscover Catholicism" which we’ll use throughout the year as our source for study and reflection.

Q: Are there any costs associated with attendance?

A: No.

Q: Do have to attend all the sessions to benefit from the program?

A: No. While faith renewal requires some level of commitment through study and reflection, we understand 100% attendance may be unlikely. Therefore, we'll be providing the topics, related reading assignments, and summary of the discussions for all previously held sessions so you can stay up to date.

Q: What if I want more information about Matthew Kelly and/or the book "Rediscover Catholicism"?

A: You can find more information about both by visiting DynamicCatholic.com and MatthewKelly.com.