Fall 2020

Religious Education updates

Hello Religious Educacation Families!

Starting in September, Religious Education, for now, will be held online in order to keep everyone safe and as stress free as possible.  It will be a family based program using a student friendly Bible.  A Flocknote (communication tool used in our Parish) will be sent out regarding the day that you will be able to pick up the Bibles as a drive thru process at the Church.  

Flocknote lessons will be sent out weekly with a family based video lesson, discussion questions, activities, and a prayer.  Families can complete these lessons at their own pace throughout the week.  Please send in pictures of the activities that we can place on our virtual bulletin board! (See below) Or share your discussion question answers on Flocknote.  

Each week there will be a Religious Ed intro before each Live-stream Mass.  Please watch the intro and join us for Mass online or in person!--We have options to be in the Church, under the Tent, or in the parking lot listening to your radio. 

Families will also sign up for a small group time slot.  The same families will participate in this small group one Sunday a month at the same time each month on Zoom.  A catechist will facilitate the discussion.  Please look out for a Flocknote to sign up for your time slot.


** If you are interested in being a catechist please see below! **

** We will also be offering small groups for Signing families or Bengali speaking families!  Please look for this on the sign up page if you are interested. **

To register please see below!


For more information on the sacraments please see below!

Rachel bursiewicz

LEADER OF Education

Hi!  My name is Rachel and Welcome to my Student Ministry page.  I am so glad you have found your way here!  

At St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish I oversee the Religious Education program Grades K-10, Adult Education, as well as Sacrament Preparation for First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation and RCIA. 

This page is designed to be a resource for families to help deepen their relationship and understanding of Jesus.  Please check out our Religious Education Bulletin Board, online family resources, information on how to register for classes and other information about Religious Education.  Please reach out with any questions: EMAIL ME.

Join our Parents Facebook Page!  To stay up to date with the Parish, meet other parents in the community, and for parent resources about the faith.  Like us at Saint Teresa Parent's Group.

Virtual Bulletin Board

Welcome to the Religious Education Virtual Bulletin Board!  Come check out what our students are learning about!  Students have the opportunity to share their work each week even though we are learning about Jesus from home.  Today's Bulletin Board shows prayer hands reminding us that when we have doubts, always turn to Jesus!  Also, check out our Stations of the Cross Bulletin Board from Holy Week!  


Would you like to be a part of growing the faith and friendship of Jesus with our students and families?  

We are looking for YOU! 

Catechists must be over the age of 18 years old. 

Those under 18 years old can help the catechist as an assistant! 

As a catechist you will be assigned a small group of families.  The group will meet on Zoom for 45 minutes at the same time one Sunday a month to discuss questions related to the Message Series in Mass.  It will be a time as a small community to discuss questions, deepen each others faith, and pray together.  Catechists will be provided training and given the discussion questions and Zoom link each month. 

As a catechist assistant you will be paired with a catechist and will help run the small group discussion each month.  Training, discussion questions, and Zoom links will be provided.  

We are also looking for substitutes!  As a sub you will be contacted with as much advance notice as possible to cover a small group.  Training, discussion questions, and Zoom link will be provided. 

Please EMAIL ME with any questions and register below!  

Family Based Religious Ed for Grades K-8

Families will participate in Religious Education together each week!  This is a great opportunity to strengthen your faith and friendship with Jesus as a family.  

Weekly Flocknote lessons will be sent and can be completed at your own pace.  Please watch the Religious Ed intro before the Live-stream Mass each weekend.  Please sign up for a small group time slot for your family to meet with other families and a catechist once a month.  

To Register your family for Religious Education click the link below. 

Please register Confirmation students separately.

Religious Ed Family Small Groups

Since we cannot meet in person right now meeting on Zoom once a month will be an important way to grow your faith and find support from your Church community.  

Small groups will meet on Zoom for 45 minutes at the same time with the same families and catechist one Sunday a month.  Groups will discuss questions related to the Message series at Mass, deepen each others faith, and pray together.

Register your family below for a small group as an important part of the Religious Education Program.  

** Small groups for Signing Families and Bengali Speaking Families are also available! **

Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

Students in 2nd grade who are eligible to make their sacraments will continue to participate in the weekly Family based Religious Ed Flocknote.  

Twice a month families will receive a special Flocknote lesson for First Reconciliation in the Fall and First Communion in the Spring.  Please turn in the students answers to the discussion questions on Flocknote or EMAIL ME.  

Families will participate in one family zoom meeting at the conclusion of the lessons for each sacrament (two zoom meetings in total for the year).  Information regarding how the sacrament will be received will be given at the meeting.  Students are required to attend.

If your child (older than 2nd grade) or teen has not received the sacraments and they would like to please reach out for more information on how to get started!

confirmation Preparation - grades 9-10

Confirmation students will participate in the weekly Religious Ed Family based Flocknote lessons.  

Once a month they will receive a Confirmation based Flocknote.  Each student will turn in their responses to the questions on Flocknote or parents can EMAIL ME!

Once a month students will meet on Zoom with their peers and a catechist to discuss topics related to Confirmation and the Flocknote lessons.  

More information regarding service hours and retreat will be sent by Flocknote.

Register your teen for a Confirmation Small Group below. 

If your teen (in grades 11-12) has not received Confirmation and would like to please reach out to for more information on how to get started!  EMAIL ME

Online Resources all about Jesus!

Looking for extra ways to learn about our Faith and spend time with Jesus?  Check out the resources below by clicking on the pictures!

  • the SAints

    Who are the Saints?  

    Come explore your favorite Saint or learn about a new one!  The Saints are holy men and women who live in communion with God.  They praise God and care for those left on Earth.  Their greatest service to God's plan is their intercession.  This means we can always ask them to help bring our prayers to God! 

  • Bible Activities

    Want even more Bible fun?

    Search by grade level for a variety of printable Bible activities.  They can range from coloring pages, to crosswords, to fill in the blank stories.  There is something for all ages!  Have fun while strengthening your Faith!

  • Kid videos

    Welcome to a channel all about kids and their Faith!  

    Enjoy learning what our Faith is all about in a way that kids will understand.  It is great for the whole family!  Also, check out the Bible App for Kids.  It is an interactive app that reads the Bible stories out loud and builds understanding with mini games. 

  • Teen Videos

    Have a question concerning our Faith?

    Listen to the answers of some very important questions and topics regarding our Faith.  These videos are engaging and help teens learn the Catholic Faith with a deeper understanding and appreciation for what we believe in.  


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