Engage members in social action and service ministries

Objective #1: Consolidate parish committees (St Bridget and St Bart)

Tactic #1: Identify all parish sponsored committees/groups/clubs,  review each group's purpose statement, identify groups for consolidation, and facilitate consolidation

Objective #2: Mobilize members to take on service commitment

Tactic #1: Promote new membership to parish sponsored groups through website and bulletin announcements and a parish ministry fair/ministry celebration

Tactic #2: Develop communication tools to promote parish social action and service programs/events


Strengthen our position as a welcoming community

Objective #1: Focus on pre and post Mass activities

Tactic #1: Promote "gathering"/social time following Mass

Tactic #2: Investigate use of kiosk for registration, FAQs, donations

Tactic #3: Expand role of "welcoming committee/greeters " to include before and after Mass


Objective #2: Become more inclusive of members from other cultures

Tactic #1: Invite members from various cultures to serve as greeters


Enhance the liturgical and worship experience

Objective #1: Create a family worship experience

Tactic #1: Identify feasts/festivals from other cultures for inclusion during Mass (e.g. songs, prayers, readings, dress)


Objective #2: Create thematic calendar for all parish programming



Develop a robust and inclusive education program for all members



Steward our resources to improve parish operational and financial performance