• Nursing Home Ministry

    On the second Monday of each month, Mass is celebrated at Crestfield Convalescent Home.  Residents are moved by wheelchair to the dining room where Mass is celebrated.  They are assisted by staff members and moved to the dining room by members of our Ministry.  It is a rewarding experience for members of Crestfield Convalescent Home Ministry that they have assisted the residents to attend Mass.

    Contact:  Jean Burr  (860) 646-1381

  • Visitation

    The mission of this ministry is to visit or do errands for those who are home-bound due to recent surgery, illness, or taking care of a loved one.  We also make phone calls to the home-bound for them to hear a friendly voice and someone to talk to.  Because of insurance liabilities, we are not able to offer hands-on home care, but can provide relief in the form of companionship.
    Contact:  Nancy Bojarski   (860) 871-7351   nanceeb49@gmail.com

  • Eucharistic Ministers

    Our care and concern is to make sure that our parishioners who are home-bound can be assured that they have the opportunity to receive Holy Communion on a weekly basis.  A family member or the parishioner can reach out to the parish office to get in touch with us to set up an appointment.  It is important that our church member feels connected to the parish and that they remain in our prayers.


    Maureen Prokipchak (860) 646-5478

    Evelyn Garrow  (860) 643-4400