Sanctuary Committee

This group works in conjunction with the Liturgy  Committee  and  enhances  the  Sanctuary  area  for  weekend  Masses, Holydays,  liturgical  seasons,  and  special  celebration  days.  Scripture readings  and/or  the  liturgical  season  guide  the  type  of  enhancements.  Committee members work in teams of two or three on a rotation schedule.  By utilizing natural materials, liturgical colors, fabrics, and floral arrangements  the  members  lovingly  and  creatively  prepare  the  Sanctuary  for the celebration of the Eucharist.

They also do light cleaning in the church on a monthly basis.  They dust, put fresh linens out, maintain the holy water fonts, dust window sills, water plants, remove wilted flowers, and straighten missalettes and books in the pews.  They usually work in pairs and are scheduled on a rotating basis, approx. every 5 weeks.

Contact:   Sandy Ouellette  (860) 643-9346