Parish of St. Teresa of Calcutta


New York City Bus Trips

May 1, 2019

Dear Fellow New York Traveler,

We have a few notes about our trips to NYC for the 2019—2020 season. First of all, we thank you for your cooperation and making these trips a success, and we would like you to share your ideas and suggestions about our trip with us by e-mail.

WEATHER: Post Road Stages observes the policy that the coach will make the trip as planned, unless the Governor(s) from the State(s) of Connecticut and / or New York close the highways. So for us “the trip must go on” is our motto. There will be no refunds from Post Road Stages to us or from us to you. You need to use your own discretion.

REMINDER: This is a church sponsored trip activity but organized by volunteers. We are not responsible for delays, inconveniences, or changes on the trips.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: We depend on subscription riders to submit their reservations and remittance to secure the cost of the coaches for the season. If you decide on the 3 or 4 rider trip subscription, we appreciate your support. After holding the cost steady for the past few years, we have had to raise the registration costs this year because of increased transportation vendor costs. A three or four trip subscription is $45 each trip and must be paid in full with your reservation. Riders who prefer the flexibility of choosing individual trips pay a higher amount of $52 each trip. All prices include the driver’s tip. We cannot refund your money if you cannot make the trip but encourage you to find someone to use your reservation. Checks are made payable to Parish of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

SUBSCRIPTION RESERVATION FOR 3 or 4 Trips: Mail subscription registration form and full payment to Kathleen Ryan at 18 Maryanne Drive, Coventry, CT 06238. Kathleen may be reached by phone 860-742-9754 or e-mail Please indicate selected dates on memo line of check. Checks are made payable to Parish of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

INDIVIDUAL TRIP RESERVATION: If you are buying an individual trip seat, it must be paid two weeks prior to the trip. Call Kathleen Ryan at 860-742-9754, or e-mail Mail check and registration form to Kathleen Ryan, 18 Maryanne Drive, Coventry, CT 06238. Please indicate on the memo line of your check the date of the trip. An Individual trip reservation is $52 each. Checks are made payable to Parish of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Due to the bus cost, a minimum of 45 people must be registered in order to run a bus. In the event trips are oversubscribed, a wait list will be developed based upon date of receipt of registration form and payment.

The bus will leave St. Bartholomew Church’s parking lot on Ludlow Road promptly at 7 AM. We request all passengers to be present at 6:45 AM. The bus is scheduled to stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 60th ST & 5th Avenue, and TKTS at 47th ST and Broadway. Pick up will be at 7:15 PM on 8th Avenue and West 52nd Street. All passengers are asked to assemble at 7:00 PM to board the bus by 7:15 PM. Buses are not permitted to linger and must leave promptly. Warning: The bus will depart NYC promptly at 7:15 p.m. The bus will return to St. Bartholomew Church’s parking lot on Ludlow Road between 10—10:30 PM that night.

TRIP DATES—September 18, 2019,  November 13, 2019, December 11, 2019 and May 20, 2020

Again, thank-you for your cooperation and support. We look forward to traveling with you to the BIG Apple.

Kathleen Ryan, Kate Deasy

Download a blank registration form