Music at St. Bartholomew Church

Adult Choir

The Adult Choir consists of approximately 30 members (teens and adults), who rehearse from 7:00 - 8:30 or 9:00 on Wednesday nights. They sing two weekends a month, at a 10:00 Mass and one of the other Mass times. They also sing at special Masses such a the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, Easter Vigil Mass, etc. We have an excellent choir and always welcome new members; especially those who like to have lots of fun and work hard too!


We currently have 8 cantors who are assigned through our monthly schedule. Each has a distinct style; each great!


We have parish musicians who play various instruments - flute, guitar, trumpet, violin, clarinet, drums. They play at special liturgies, feasts and sacraments and other times during the year. A handbell choir is assembled periodically for special selections.


We also have 3 organists who share responsibility for weekend and special Masses.

Music at St. Bridget Church

Traditional Choir

This choir sings at the 8:30am Sunday Mass and includes adults of all ages as well as teens.  Rehearsals are usually held at 10:00am on Sunday mornings (giving the choir a break to attend coffee and donuts after the 8:30 mass before returning for rehearsal).  Choir sings in 3 - 4 part harmony.  The choir also sings at special Masses such as Christmas Midnight Mass and joins with St. Bartholomew choir for the Sacred Triduum.  New members are always very welcome!  

Contemporary Ensemble

This ensemble includes a small group of singers accompanied by piano, guitars, and percussion.  This ensemble sings at the 11:30am Sunday Mass and is always happy to welcome new members!  Rehearsals are usually held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm in the choir loft.


We currently have 7 regular Cantors and Psalmists who serve at our Masses.  Cantors lead all of the singing for an entire Mass, whereas Psalmists just lead the responsorial psalm and the Gospel Acclamation at Masses where there is an ensemble leading the music.   Anyone who would like to be a cantor or psalmist is encouraged to contact the Music Director for a meeting and audition! 


We currently have 3 organists who serve our Masses.