Download Suggested Readings for Funerals here.

When selecting readings for a funeral Mass: 

If the Funeral Mass is Outside the Easter Season, please choose:

          A first reading from C1-C7
          A second reading from C8 - C11 or E1 - E15, and
          A Gospel reading from G1 - G19

If the Funeral Mass is during the Easter Season (between Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday), please choose:

          A first reading from C8 - C11
          A second reading from E1 - E15, and
          A Gospel reading from G1 - G19

Other Scripture selections not indicated here may be used if appropriate for a funeral and are approved by the priest-celebrant of the funeral in advance.

Funeral Music

Suggested Music for Funerals is listed below. 

The links will play a sample of each hymn.

Mary & Martha Ministry

At the time of the loss of a family member, this ministry provides the family with a chance to meet with their friends and relatives who attended the funeral without the work that is involved in the preparing and serving of food.  Committee members cover the tables, arrange the flowers, arrange food on the serving table, and afterwards clean up the room.

We contact the family to find out the number of guests that are expected.  We also find out what types of foods have been ordered.  The family is responsible for ordering the food and having it delivered.  We provide the beverages, and all the table settings.  About an hour before the funeral Mass we meet and set up the serving tables with plates and appropriate tableware.  After the guests have left, we clean up the tables and leave the room as we found it.

This is a valuable service to a family in mourning, as we reach out to our neighbors at a difficult time in their lives.  It is our way to foster a sense of community here in our parish.

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If you have any questions about funerals in our parish please contact PARISHIONER CARE OFFICE

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