pastoral council

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council (hereafter referred to as PPC) is to investigate pastoral matters, to consider them thoroughly, and to propose practical recommendations about them. The PPC’s role and authority is as an advisory group to the Pastor. At the request of the Pastor, the PPC may be asked to make recommendations for action to the Pastor.  While the Pastor directs the implementation of any recommendations, Council members may be asked to assist in this task.


Pastoral CouNcil Members

Marianne Policastro - Co-Chair

Earle Lerner - Co-Chair

Cathy Kosciol - Secretary

Cara Bouchie - Secretary

Timothy Becker

Richard Borden

Andrew Brindisi

Fran Chabot

Joseph Datta

Kate Deasy

Ray Devanney

Nancy Ecabert

Deacon Alan Germain

Jose Jacob

Dani Kennedy

Kelly Knotts

Dee Kurowski

Claudia Surprenant