Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish

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Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Recently we celebrated the unification of St. Bartholomew and St.Bridget churches into the Parish of Saint Teresa of Calcutta. None of this could have been accomplished without all of your prayers and support. But there is still work left to do.

During the next phase of our parish’s transition we will be building the database for the Parish of Saint Teresa of Calcutta. This means that we will need to reregister each family and individual that is currently registered with either St. Bartholomew church or St. Bridget’s church. Beginning July 1, 2017 every person, 21 years or older, will need to fill out a new registration form. Children under 21 are considered members under their parents’ registration.

If you do not have access to the internet a paper copy of the new registration form will be available at the entrances of both churches near the bulletins. This paper copy must fill out and returned to the Administration Center (Parish Office) located 80 Main Street, Manchester CT., 06042 or place in the designated boxes at either church location.

This will be a significant undertaking, but with your continued patience and cooperation we are hoping to have this project completed by the end of the year.

Should you have any question I can be reached at:

(860) 643-2403 ext. 107  

email me



Theresa Reid