• The purpose of the "Face 2 Face" series is simply to focus on the personality of Jesus and get to know him better. We want to dig into the Scriptures and introduce people to the winsomeness, the playfulness of Jesus. 

  • Catholic Atheist is about the many ways we profess to believe God, but then by our thoughts or actions show that we don’t really trust him or act as if he exists. Throughout the series we will look at five specific ways in which we profess God, but then act and think as if he doesn’t exist.

  • Love in reality is a terrible thing compared to love in dreams. Love in dreams is love is easy. It is easy to love people in our imaginations. It is easy to love humanity, it is very difficult to love real people and requires all we have. 

  • Worry means to think about problems or fears. It is to feel concern about something bad that might happen to us. We turn over and over in our minds events that are beyond our control in some hopes of taking control. Jesus taught very practically that worry is useless.

  • Christmas is the season of hope. The season awakens in us the deepest desire of heart that life could be and should be better. We hope we will get what we want for Christmas, we hope the season will be filled with cheer, hope that our families will get along with one another.

  • As human beings we have freedom to act and react to life. We have the ability to respond to the events that happen to us. And how we choose to respond determines the course of our life. 

  • God wants to give us a life of joy and peace and contentment and margin. He wants to give us breathing room. Our culture pushes against breathing room and if we aren’t careful we pretty quickly find ourselves without breathing room.