New homilY series


October 2021

Surrender is a word that has many negative connotations. Songs and sayings that tell us to never surrender resonate deeply with us. However, when it comes to the Christian faith, surrender is necessary. We surrender to God who is in all ways more powerful than us. We surrender our ways for his ways.

Through this series, the stories we will look at show how people in Scripture are faced with challenges to surrender something or surrender their ideas and trust in God. Jesus doesn’t challenge them to give up their desires but to surrender how they are going to fulfill those desires. Jesus doesn’t criticize them for the desire but redirects them. He challenges them to trust in his ways and truly discover what they want.

This series will look at the surprising truth that we often have to surrender to win. We surrender something of smaller value to get something even greater. God takes full responsibility for the life fully surrendered to him.


Confessions of a Control Freak