High School begins a mini-course in exploring our Catholic faith.  Each theme is solid doctrinal content with an interactive format.  The teens will be helped to relate scripture to their lives and put their faith into practice. 

Upcoming Events

10th Grade Confirmation Retreat
St. Bridget 10th grade confirmation students will be attending ALIVE at the Cathedral on Sunday April 30th.  We will depart St. Bridget at 12:00PM by bus and return at 8:30PM.  Please return permission slips ASAP.

All 8th and 9th grade student households should have received a registration form in the mail for the 2017-2018 confirmation class year.  If you did not receive one in the mail, please register online or download a paper form.

Our Program

The aim of this program is to help our young people bring their faith to the surface, to strengthen it, and to share it with others. This is well expressed in a poem:

Dear God, Walk with me at this period in my life.
Help me to make the right decisions about my future.
Dear God, Help me to take my accomplishments humbly.
And help me to take my failures courageously.
Dear God, Help my parents to let go of me.
And let me be more understanding of their difficulties in letting me go.
Dear God, Help me to know and trust that you are there, even in my most trying times.
And, when there are no answers, dear God, give me faith.

Class Times
Confirmation Class is the first Sunday of every month from 6:30-8:30.

Perfect attendance in the monthly Confirmation process is expected. This demonstrates that the candidate has the maturity required to participate in the program. Candidates must also attend parent/teen nights, retreats, one service event each year, and any special programs. If there is a family emergency and you are not able to attend class, please call the office. You will be required to do make-up work on the lesson topic you missed.

Attendance at Liturgy
Since the family of God gathers together as a parish community at the weekly liturgy, candidates are expected to attend weekly liturgy. Frequent reception of Holy Eucharist and reception of the sacrament of Reconciliation are required.

Stewardship and Service
Candidates are required to complete one service project, but are welcome to attend other class service projects. Candidates have many opportunities to participate in parish service projects. The parish Confirmation preparation process attempts to provide opportunities of experiences which will help the candidates uncover and respond to basic human needs, while demonstrating Jesus' understanding of and response to humans in need.

Participation in days of prayer and retreat
Candidates will participate in a day retreat in the Spring of their freshman year and a retreat in the Fall of their sophomore year. The candidates may attend a weekend retreat. Retreats are sponsored by St. Bartholomew Youth Ministry Team in the winter.

Confirmation Name
As a candidate is initiated into the Church, he or she takes a saint name. It should be one which is in accord with the Christian spirit (a saint's name, other than a candidate's Baptismal name). A form with your reasons for choosing the saint is expected at the end of the preparation process.

Pastoral Guidelines for Parents (Archdiocesan Office)
The initiation of children into the sacramental life is for the most part the responsibility and concern of Christian parents. They are to form and gradually increase a spirit of faith in the children and, with the help of catechetical institutions, prepare them for the fruitful reception of the sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist. Where the faith of the parents is manifestly weak, the Confirmation of their children provides a teachable moment for spiritual renewal. However, the event should be viewed as an occasion for affirmation and hope, not challenge and confrontation.

Choosing a Sponsor
A sponsor should be chosen in the beginning of your freshman year so they can walk through your faith journey with you. A sponsor should be:

        A practicing, faith-filled Roman Catholic adult who is confirmed.
        Someone you feel free to talk with about a variety of topics, especially religion.
        Willing to participate in the Confirmation process; willing to pray for the candidate.
        A man or woman you respect and look up to.
        Willing to share his or her experience of faith.

    Consider especially:

        either of your godparents
        an aunt or uncle
        a neighbor
        a former religion teacher
        a teacher at school
        an active member of your parish
        an adult mentor

    Parents may not be sponsors.

Confirmation Makeup Work

March 19: Relationships

On a device, download the decision point app
Watch all video's in chapter 6
If you do not have a device to download the app on, you can just read the chapters in the book or borrow a copy from Youth Ministry.
After watching the videos, Answer the discussion question 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, and 6.5 from your book on a separate piece of paper and turn in at class or e-mail in.

March 12: Deanery Event with Katie Prejean
According to this video, what are we "called" to do?

February 6: Souperbowl Sunday

Schedule an appointment with Steve for at least 1 parent and student.

January 29: Hands on Hartford

Hands on Hartford presented us with 2 homeless people who told us their story about time they both spent in the area.  Watch the video's 1 about Hands on Hartford, the other called faces of Homelessness.  Answer the following questions.

  1. Did this give you a different perspective of people who are homeless?
  2. Students had the opportunity to ask our presenters some questions, If you could ask someone who was homeless a few questions, what would you ask?
  3. What are some volunteer opportunities that you would like to participate in that help people in poverty and/or people who are homeless.
January 22: Letters to God

Watch the movie: Letters to God
You may borrow mine for 2 days (Others might need it also), get it through Netflix DVD, or buy it.
Answer the following Questions:

  1. Mr. Perryfield tells Tyler that a possible reason others make fun of him is that his courage in the face of his illness makes them take a look at their own lives (and presumably they don’t like what they see, so they take it out on Tyler). Do you agree that’s a possible reason for others mistreating him? Why or why not?
  2. Mr. Perryfield tells Tyler that it’s his “job” to point others to God. A lot of times God’s expectations of his followers are hard to live up to. Sometimes we don’t feel like being obedient. Do you think it’s better to obey cheerfully than in frustration? Or does it matter at all to God how we feel as we carry out his will?
  3. Have you ever witnessed someone like Tyler being mistreated? What happened? How did you react? Given the chance to relive the experience, would you react the same way or differently? Why?
  4. Have you ever been mistreated or teased because of the goodness in you or godly behavior? If so, how did it feel? How, if at all, was it resolved?
  5. What is the Mailman's name?

December Class 12/18- I Believe

Please answer the following questions

  1. When do we commonly hear the Nicene Creed?
  2. What is the Creed?
  3. Why is it important to have a "profession of faith"?
  4. Pick a part of the creed that you can identify with and tell me why.

November Class 11/20- Peace and Non-Violence

Watch on youtube:

Write and submit: What character in this parable can you relate to the most and why?

Look up the Corporal works of mercy and the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching.  Compare the two, how are they alike, how are they different?

Watch on youtube:

Write the answer to this question: What is this video about?

November SNL 11/13- Prison Ministry

Make Up Work

Watch the youtube video below  and answer the following question

Why do we as Catholics go to the margins to minister to people who others might say are unreachable or unworthy?

October SNL 10/23- Laudato Si
Makeup Work

In the music and video's section, find October Laudato Si video.
Watch it.
On a piece of paper, name 3 things they suggest you can do to help,
then create an environmental service project.  You must include:
What is the issue?
Who does this effect?
What are possible solutions (outline the project)?
What will the outcome be if the project was completed?

October Class 10/16 – Why Church?
Make-up Work

Please read through book session 9.3 and 9.4 or download the Decision Point app on one of your devices and watch the videos for 9.3 and 9.4 then answer the discussion questions at the end of each session.  Also watch the You Tube video below “top 10 reasons to be Catholic,” and on a sheet of paper, list your reasons why you like being Catholic.  Hand in all work before or at the December Class. 

Top 10 Reasons to be Catholic